Nova Scotia L’Acadie Vineyards

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Pioneering traditional method sparkling wine in Nova Scotia

Traditional method sparkling wines have their greatest successes when grown in cool climates that can ripen grapes at moderate sugar levels. Nova Scotia has a cool climate, tempered by the Atlantic Ocean, that ripens grapes at ideal sugar and acid balances rivaling the best established cool climate winemaking areas in the world.

Bruce Ewert, winemaker and proprietor of L’Acadie Vineyards, is a sparkling winemaker with international experience and proceeded to pioneer the first leading award winning releases. Prestige Brut received a Gold and was Top Scoring Sparkling at the leading 2010 Canadian Wine Awards. Only three sparkling wines had ever achieved gold in the history of the competition. Most recently at the prestigious 2011 Effervescents du Monde Prestige Brut was awarded a silver medal.

The style owes its appeal to fermentation in the bottle that it is sold in. The result – fine delicate bubbles and aging on yeast sediment (lees) for extended periods giving it celebrated bready aromas. Hand riddling and hand disgorging to remove the lees ensures utmost quality.

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