Nova Scotia L’Acadie Vineyards

Our Vineyard

Organic Farming – the natural choice!

L’Acadie Vineyards has been certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems since inception. We are the first organic vineyard and only organic winery in Nova Scotia to be certified and we are leaders in encouraging others to grow organically. All of our wines are made with 100% Nova Scotia grapes.

Organic wines follow the age-old traditions and natural means of growing grapes and making wine. The organic approach is to encourage a healthy soil and be proactive in its management. Wines have a clear expression of terroir, a sense of place. Beneath the rows of grape vines the soil is a living organism with composted manure applications, mulching, compost teas and seaweed extracts added to ensure soil enrichment and maintain healthy microbiological life and earthworm populations. No pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are required in an organic vineyard which ensures that, through our stewardship, it will be healthy and bountiful for our future winemaking generations.

Records and practices of our vineyard and winery are regularly inspected by a third party accredited organic organization to ensure we comply with the Canadian Organic Standards. All of our wines proudly bear the Canadian Organic logo, a rising maple leaf image, controlled by the Canada Food Inspection Agency.

Environmentally Conscious

Environmental initiatives in the winery include a geothermal heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water, building construction with sustainable material such as wooden timber frames, cedar exterior doors and concrete insulated walls, and a infrared reflecting roof. The winery is built into the slope of our land to take advantage of natural earth insulation keeping our tirage cellar at a constant temperature for optimum aging of our sparkling wines.


Gaspereau Valley, a sub-valley to the Annapolis Valley, has ridges that retain heat and ocean breezes that moderate temperatures and provide heat units and frost free days to ripen our cool climate grapes with an ideal natural balance of sugar and acidity. Our sloped rocky well-drained soil provides delicate complex mineral flavours to our food friendly wines.

Our Grapes

Cool climate grape growing requires that grape varieties be matched to the region and to the individual terroir uniqueness of vineyard sites. We have planted almost our entire vineyard with L’Acadie, Nova Scotia’s signature white grape, for many compelling reasons. It showcases its European parentage in its upright growth habit and more importantly for its clear clean delicate world-class wine flavours. L’Acadie achieves ideal ripeness in our cool climate for traditional method sparkling wines with sugar and acidity levels that are the envy of other sparkling winemakers in the world. Our grapes are carefully handpicked and pressed whole cluster for a delicate taste profile that is required for this elegant wine style.