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2020 Tidal Bay

2020 Tidal Bay
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Our approach for Tidal Bay is an organic wine and dry. And since Tidal Bay is an appellation wine to showcase Nova Scotia terroir, we chose to highlight our own unique estate terroir - organic L'Acadie blanc from our Gaspereau winery. Meticulous planning and trial ferments have resulted in this inaugural blend. The blend has 15% organic Seyval blanc from Falmouth, determined from many blending trials, and brings acidity and citrus flavours, fully complementing the richer tropical notes from L'Acadie blanc.

Suitable for a vegan diet.

Wine Specs
Harvest Date
October 9, 2020
At Harvest: 20.2 Brix
At Harvest: 8.85 g/l
Bottling Date
April 20, 2021
Residual Sugar
1.7 g/l
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Mark DeWolf, sommelier, “#gamechanger having L’Acadie Vineyards part of the TB community” "This marks the inaugural vintage of Tidal Bay for L’Acadie Vineyards. Certainly, L’Acadie Vineyards version pushes the stylistic boundary by being very crisp, lean and mineral-edged. If you want a local white for oysters, this is it" Susan Lane, sommelier, "L’Acadie Vineyards ~ BC native Bruce Ewert is a groundbreaker in NS winemaking. Bruce and his NS born wife Pauline moved back to NS in 2004 with the intent to create world class sparkling wines. L’Acadie is Nova Scotia’s first certified organic vineyard and also the first to receive international recognition for their traditional method sparkling wine. I personally believe that L’Acadie’s TM sparklings could be mistaken for Champagne in a blind tasting. This is Bruce’s first Tidal Bay. Bruce highlights the unique ancient seabed soil of his estate vineyard, so rather than a fruit forward Tidal Bay, Bruce has created a mineral edged wine that would be delicious served with raw oysters. At 1.7 grams residual sugar/ litre, this may be the driest Tidal Bay yet. Most Tidal Bays are anywhere from 5.6 -14 g /litre. It makes me hope that Bruce will break with tradition and be permitted to produce the first sparkling Tidal Bay. Wouldn’t that be amazing?"
Winemaker Notes
85% L'Acadie blanc, 15% Seyval blanc
Other Notes
Certified Organic by Pro-Cert