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Throughout the 1600's, French settlers farmed the land in the Gaspereau Valley, cultivating the ancient, mineral-rich, sea-bed soil.
Customers and international judges say that they can taste just a hint of saline in our crisp, dry estate wines.


The earth - terroir- is essential to the flavour of grapes and the wines that come from them, The terroir is what ultimately gives every wine its body, its character, its sense of place.

  • The roots of our vines reach deep into the sea-bed soil, giving complex mineral flavours to our food-friendly wines.
  • Our hillside vineyard drains through slope, schist and sandstone to keep roots dry and warm, which creates concentrated flavour and ripeness -a stressed vine makes good wine.
  • We actively promote a healthy, natural ecosystem so we can avoid pesticides for a truly organic, natural clean flavour and finish.
  • We tend our soil's natural microbial health which results in better, truer terroir flavours.


We match the climate of the Champagne region of France with grape-growing conditions that are the envy of sparkling winemakers around the world.

  • Nova Scotia's climate, our northwest facing orientation and the Bay of Fundy breezes create a cool climate for long slow ripening, resulting in naturally lower sugar levels, good acid retention and moderate alcohols.
  • Our hills have ridges that retain heat for plentiful frost-free days and an extended, luxurious growing seas

Organic and Sustainability

  • We're the first organic vineyard and winery in Nova Scotia, certified by Pro-Cert Organic Systems since inception.
  • We are fully committed to organic farming practices, because the living soil enhances the flavour of our wines and because we want our children and future grandchildren to live in a sustainably healthy environment.