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Bruce Ewert
February 24, 2024 | Climate Change Resiliency and Organic Farming | Bruce Ewert

Climate change resilience and organic farming

We have long been supporters of Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network ACORN, and they have good information on their website - a small excerpt shared below.

Climate change affects vineyards with extreme events such as severe winter damage to vines in British Columbia for the past two years, polar vortex in Nova Scotia last year with similar damage, and droughts in other wine regions of the world. Organic farming  builds resilience AND contributes to a solution, as ACORN describes so well. 

A couple notes about our organic and vegan practices:

  • living soils - symbiotic fungi expand root zone influence by 2-10x for more water and nutrient availability, read more
  • regenerative agriculture - cover crops between vineyard rows create biodiversity and pull carbon from the atmosphere and store it in soil, watch video about our cover crops
  • livestock greenhouse gas generation - we are certified Biocyclic Vegan, no animal products from soil to glass, read more




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